And the eye sees upside down

Geometrical optics predicts that the image formed by the eye of the retina should be inverted with respect to the real world. But then, why we don’t see things upside down? Because of the brain. Isn’t it fantastic. The brain turns the image to make easy our lifes. So, what happens with a newborn? How they see our world the first days?

In this video we show you (Ana Gargallo and me) that it is true that our eyes provides inverted images of the world. The video shows a light on the left, and an eye from a death cow. We removed part of the esclera in order to see the fundus of the eye.  If you look carefully the eye, you can see a reflex of the light on the anterior part of the eye (the cornea) and the image of the light at the back of the eye (the retina).

We move the light up and down, and look carefully what happens with the image of the lamp on the retina, it moves in the contrary sense. So the eye inverts the image, thats incredible, isn’t it?


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