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2018: ___________________________________________________________________________

Citlalli Almaguer Gomez; Eva Acosta Plaza; Justo Arines-Piferrer, Pupil size stability of the cubic phase mask solution for presbyopia, J. of Biomedical Optics, 23(1), 015002 (2018). doi:10.1117/1.JBO.23.1.015002

2017: ___________________________________________________________________________

PatriciaSanmartín, Daniel Vázquez-Nion, Justo Arines,, Laura Cabo-Domínguez, Beatriz Prieto,Controlling growth and colour of phototrophs by using simple and inexpensive coloured lighting: A preliminary study in the Light4Heritage project towards future strategies for outdoor illumination”, International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, Volume 122, August 2017, Pages 107-115

Justo Arines, Citlalli Almaguer, Eva Acosta, “Potential use of cubic phase masks for extending the range of clear vision in presbyopes: initial calculation and simulation studies”, Ophthalmic and Physiological Optica Volume 37, Issue 2 March 2017,  141–150 

Citlalli Almaguer, Justo Arines, “Use of a cubic phase plate as solution for moderate astigmatism: preliminary study”, Optica Pura y Aplicada, Vol.50-N2 / 2017, 155-163,

2016: ___________________________________________________________________________

2015: ___________________________________________________________________________

Daniel Nieto, Justo Arines, Gerard M. O’Connor, and María Teresa Flores-Arias, “Single-pulse laser ablation threshold of borosilicate, fused silica, sapphire, and soda-lime glass for pulse widths of 500  fs, 10  ps, 20  ns,” Appl. Opt. 54, 8596-8601 (2015)


2014: ___________________________________________________________________________

Justo Arines, Rene O. Hernandez, Stefan Sinzinger, A. Grewe, and Eva Acosta, “Wavefront-coding technique for inexpensive and robust retinal imaging”, Optics Letters, Vol. 39, Issue 13, pp. 3986-3988 (2014) doi: 10.1364/OL.39.003986

S. Bará, E. Pailos, J. Arines, N. López-Gil, L. Thibos, “Estimating the eye aberration coefficients in resized pupils: is it better to refit or to rescale?”, JOSA A, 31(1) 114-123. 2014

2013: ___________________________________________________________________________

A. Paredes, H. Michinel, J. R. Salgueiro, B. Vázquez-Dorrío, A. Yáñez, J. Arines, and M. Teresa Flores Arias, ” Master on “Photonics and Laser Technologies”: on-line teaching experience”, Proceedings del congreso ETOP 2013, pp EWP20 (1-5), 2013

J. Arines and A. Gargallo, ” Slit-lamp management in contact lenses laboratory classes: learning upgrade with monitor visualization of webcam video recordings”, Proceedings del congreso ETOP 2013, pp EWP15 (1-4), 2013

Salvador Bará, Justo Arines ; Eliseo Pailos, “Synthetic aperture wavefront sensing”, Opt. Eng. 53(6), 061703 (Dec 05, 2013). doi:10.1117/1.OE.53.6.061703

A. Gargallo, J. Arines, E. Acosta “Lens aberrations and their relationship with lens sutures for species with Y-suture branches”, J. Biomed. Opt. 18(2), 025003 (Feb 12, 2013). doi:10.1117/1.JBO.18.2.025003

2012: ___________________________________________________________________________

S. Bará, E. Pailos, J. Arines,”Signal-to-noise ratio and aberration statistics in ocular aberrometry”, Opt. Lett 37(12), 2427-2429, 2012

D Nieto, G Vara, JA Diez, G O’Connor, J Arines, C Gómez-Reino, MT Flores-Arias, “Laser-based microstructuring of surfaces using low-cost microlens arrays,” Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS 11 (2), 023014-1-023014-7

2011: ___________________________________________________________________________

J Arines, E Acosta, Low-cost adaptive astigmatism compensator for improvement of eye fundus camera, Optics Letters 36 (21), 4164-4166, 2011

J Arines, E Acosta, Adaptive Astigmatism-Correcting Device for Eyepieces, Optometry & Vision Science, 88(12), 1524-8, 2011

R Martínez-Cuenca, V Durán, J Arines, J Ares, Z Jaroszewicz, S Bará, J. Lancis, Closed-loop adaptive optics with a single element for wavefront sensing and correction, Optics Letters 36 (18), 3702-3704

D Nieto, J Arines, C Gomez-Reino, GM O’Connor, MT Flores-Arias, Fabrication and characterization of microlens arrays on soda-lime glass using a combination of laser direct-write and thermal reflow techniques, Journal of Applied Physics 110, 023108

R Navarro, J Arines, R Rivera, Wavefront sensing with critical sampling, Optics letters 36 (4), 433-435

J Ares, J Arines, S Bará, Finite-area centroid propagation in homogeneous media and range of validity of the Optical Ehrenfest’s Theorem, Optics Communications, Volume 284, Issues 10–11, 15 May 2011, Pages 2455–2459

2010:  ___________________________________________________________________________

Justo Arines, Paula Prado, and Salvador Bará, “Pupil tracking with a Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor”, Journal of Biomedical Optics, vol 15(3), 036022 (7 pages) (May-June, 2010)

Justo Arines, “Partially compensated deconvolution from wavefront sensing images of the eye fundus”, Optics Communications, Volume 284, Issue 6, p. 1548-1552, 2010

Raúl Martínez-Cuenca, Vicente Durán, Vicent Climent, Enrique Tajahuerce, Salvador Bará, Jorge Ares, Justo Arines, Manuel Martínez-Corral, and Jesús Lancis, “Reconfigurable Shack-Hartmann sensor without moving elements”, Optics Letters 35 (9), 1338-1340 (2010)

2009:  ___________________________________________________________________________

Justo Arines, Eliseo Pailos, Paula Prado, and Salvador Bará, “The contribution of the fixational eye movements to the variability of the measured ocular aberration”, Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics 29, 281-287, 2009

Paula Prado, Justo Arines, Salvador Bará, Silvestre Manzanera, Alejandro Mira, and Pablo Artal, “Changes of ocular aberrations with gaze”, Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics 29, 264-271, 2009

Justo Arines, “Impact of Liquid Crystals in Active and Adaptive Optics”, Materials, 2, 549-561 (2009)

R. Navarro, J. Arines, R. Rivera, “Direct and Inverse Discrete Zernike Transform”, Optics express 17(26), 24269-24281 (2009)

2008:  ___________________________________________________________________________

Justo Arines, Paula Prado, Salvador Bara and Eva Acosta,”Equivalence of least-squares estimation of eye aberrations in linearly transformed reference frames”, Optics Communications 281, 2716-2721 (2008).

Justo Arines, “Imagen de alta resolución del fondo de ojo por deconvolución tras compensación parcial”, Óptica Pura y Aplicada, 41(4), 349-357 (2008)

2007:  ___________________________________________________________________________

Justo Arines, Vicente Durán, Zbigniew Jaroszewicz, Jorge Ares, Enrique Tajahuerce, Paula Prado, Jesús Lancis, Salvador Bará and Vicent Climent,”Measurement and compensation of optical aberrations using a single spatial light modulator”, Optics Express Vol 15 (23), 15287-15292 (2007)

Vicente Durán, Vicent Climent, Enrique Tajahuerce, Zbigniew Jaroszewicz, Justo Arines and Salvador Bará, “Efficient compensation of Zernike modes and eye aberration patterns using low-cost spatial light modulators”, Journal of Biomedical Optics 12(1), 014037 (January/February 2007)

2006:  ____________________________________________________________________________

Salvador Bará, Paula Prado, Justo Arines and Jorge Ares, “Estimation-induced correlations of the Zernike coefficients of the eye aberration”, Optics Letters , Vol 31 (17), 2646-2648 (2006)

Salvador Bará, Justo Arines, Jorge Ares and Paula Prado, “Direct transformation of Zernike eye aberration coefficients between scaled, rotated and/or displaced pupils”, J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, Vol 23 (9), 2061-2066 (2006)

Luis Díaz-Santana, Justo Arines, Paula Prado and Salvador Bará, “Translational and rotational pupil tracking using wavefront aberration data and image registration techniques” Optics Letters , Vol 31 (11), 1642-1644 (2006)

Pablo Rodríguez, Rafael Navarro, Justo Arines, Salvador Bará, “A New Calibration Set of Phase Plates for Ocular Aberrometers”, Journal of Refractive Surgery (22), 275-284 (2006)

2004:  ___________________________________________________________________________

J. Arines, J. Ares, “Significance of thresholding processing in centroid based gradient wavefront sensors: effective modulation of the wavefront derivative” Optics Communications. 237, 257-266 (2004)

J. Ares, J. Arines,”Influence of thresholding on centroid statistics: full analytical description”, Applied Optic 43(31), 5796-5805 (2004)

2003:  ____________________________________________________________________________

Justo Arines and Salvador Bará, “Hybrid technique for high resolution imaging of the eye fundus”, Optics Express, Vol 11 (7), 761-766 (2003)

J. Arines, “Least-squares modal estimation of wrapped phases: application to phase unwrapping”, Applied Optics, 42 (17), 3373-3378 (2003)

2002:  ___________________________________________________________________________

J.Arines, J. Ares, “Minimum variance centroid thresholding”, Optics Letters, 27(7), 497-499 (2002)

2001:  ___________________________________________________________________________

J.Ares, J. Arines, “Effective noise in thresholded intensity distribution: influence on centroid statistics”, Optics Letters, 26(23), 1831-1833 (2001)

2000:  ___________________________________________________________________________

Justo Arines and Salvador Bará, “Significance of the recovery filter in Deconvolution from Wavefront Sensing”, Optical Engineering Vol 39, 2789-2796 (2000)

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